At OpenWeb Solutions, LLC, we are dedicated to inching the web toward what it should be. Focusing on security, accessibility, efficiency, maintainability, and scalability, we offer full-scope, innovative solutions on a per-client basis.

Software we use and recommend

Linux GNU Mercurial Apache MariaDB MySQL PHP Python Emacs more...

Our Philosophy

We believe in the importance of education. We believe that systems should be created as simply as possible. We reject the notion of artificial complexity for the purpose of confounding the consumer.

Applications and products should work, and interested parties should be made aware of how they work, and encouraged to tinker on their own, thereby resulting in improvement and innovation.

What we do

OpenWeb Solutions is a strong believer in the power of open source. Our business, applications, and development processes are carried out on open systems and programming languages. Our code is open as well, enabling the client to fully understand their application, and make edits as desired. A portion of our profits is used to support development of other valuable open source software.

Although most applications are web-based, we offer desktop as well as web-based applications that can communicate with each other. Check out some of our services for more information.


  • A simple, drop-in solution for fully customizable, highly structured, XML (and XHTML) code highlighter written in PHP.

  • Improve HTML user-interaction by replacing long dropdown elements with hybrid text and select input elements. Do it all without relying on bloated third-party libraries.

  • Discussion and demonstration of a web-based slideshow that works with just CSS.

  • We discuss a strategy to detect if a session has timed out prior to submitting a POST request, so as to avoid losing data.

  • A drop-in Javascript-based solution to make an easier-to-use <select> element.

  • When preparing documents, editors should focus on assigning meaning to the content, which will in turn dictate the proper visual representation. But such text-editors are very hard to find.

  • Use an XML library to generate the XHTML pages. XML is easy to write, and there are numerous advantages over the "piece-meal" method.