We are dedicated to developing custom, web-based applications that focus on security, accessibility, maintainability, and scalability.

[Lock icon] Security#

Many web applications today are vulnerable to a number of cyber attacks. The most common vulnerability is SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS), but there is also information leakage and improper authentication schemes.

True security is a layered process. At OpenWeb Solutions, we mitigate risks at every level of the application: from the web-facing component (written in PHP, for example), to a well-tuned HTTP server (Apache), and a lean, well-oiled machine (our preference: Linux).

Read more about what it takes to have a secure application.

[TTY Icon] Accessibility#

A well done application or website should be accessible to all clients. There are well-established, but oft-ignored, web standards in place to make sure that your site not only complies with ADA guidelines, but also does not disenfranchise clients without Javascript.

We are committed to making web sites and applications that are both intuitive and usable, and conform however possible to Section 508.

[Mercurial logo] Maintainability#

Open source requires maintainable code. This means adherence to a consistent convention, well-documented class definitions, and a rigorous commitment to version control. At OpenWeb, we are compulsive about code that is easy to follow. We want to empower our business partners, so that they can fully assess the code that runs on their servers.

[Growth icon] Scalability#

Scalability is a fortunate by-product of a proper programming architecture. Our applications have consistently grown to accommodate more concurrent users and a greater load; and are usually much more efficient in doing so than the competition.

We are able to plug into your existing infrastructure, or expand to use cloud services such as Amazon's Web Services. In so doing, our customers have noticed increased reliability, speed, and access.