In this space, we will publish articles of general interest to computer programmers, web developers, and Internet enthusiasts.

  • Allow injection of AJAX requests ahead of other queued ones.

  • A simple, drop-in solution for fully customizable, highly structured, XML (and XHTML) code highlighter written in PHP.

  • Improve HTML user-interaction by replacing long dropdown elements with hybrid text and select input elements. Do it all without relying on bloated third-party libraries.

  • Discussion and demonstration of a web-based slideshow that works with just CSS.

  • We discuss a strategy to detect if a session has timed out prior to submitting a POST request, so as to avoid losing data.

  • A drop-in Javascript-based solution to make an easier-to-use <select> element.

  • When preparing documents, editors should focus on assigning meaning to the content, which will in turn dictate the proper visual representation. But such text-editors are very hard to find.

  • Use an XML library to generate the XHTML pages. XML is easy to write, and there are numerous advantages over the "piece-meal" method.

  • Frameworks promise to be a cure-all for every application, but they result in increased overhead and limited functionality. Use libraries instead!

  • How to structure the Apache configuration files to accommodate multiple projects on one server.

  • Properly structuring the files in a PHP application is necessary for security and maintainability.