We are dedicated to making your web application thrive and prosper. To that end, our team is available for both limited and extended engagements. Whether we need to take over for a contractor who never delivered, or we are starting from scratch, you can count on more than a decade of expertise in proper web programming.

No surprise fees#

We believe that customer satisfaction paves the way for repeat business; and we have structured our company around this expectation. We don't charge for looking.

Payment structure#

We know that most projects take time to develop, test, and mature. That's why we will never charge for the full cost of the application up front. Instead, we draw up a contingency plan with clearly delineated milestones. For development contracts, payment is only expected upon completion and delivery of the milestones. For maintenance contracts, a monthly, quarterly, or annual rate may be negotiated.

Consulting opportunities#

Have an application, but are not sure if it is well done? We can provide code, security, and standards-compliance assessment of your project. Our in-depth analysis will point out areas with room for improvement in our core specialties:

  • security,
  • scalability,
  • uptime,
  • maintainability,
  • efficiency,
  • and more.

We can test your PHP code for back-doors, vulnerabilities, and poor programming practices. We also provide expert relational database design.

From the web-facing component, to the database server, and the machine itself, we provide up-to-date testing and solutions. Call us today!

Commitment to transparency#

It's the cornerstone of the open-source philosophy, and it's part of our mission at OpenWeb Solutions: expect full disclosure and straightforward communication about everything we find and anything we do. It's your code, after all! You deserve to know how it works.

We make every attempt to get back to the customer as soon as possible, and sometimes even sooner than that!